At the Great Wall with Deandre Jordan. Blake Griffin, Jamal Crawford, Grant Hill.

Chris Paul

Caron Butler get his stretch in with Kent

Kent before game 7 against the Grizzlies

Chris Paul working his side angle before game

Working with Caron Butler before game in locker room

Discussing Chinese politics with Deandre Jordan

Warming up CP3

kent and Maya with the 2013 UCLA men's golf team

With Grant Hill at the Great Wall of China

Kent working Kenyon Martin before game

Kent working Kenyon Martin before game

LA S & F Article - click to read PDF!

LA Yoga Article - click to read PDF!

Blake Griffin, MENS FITNESS Article - click to read PDF!

Kent working on Blake Griffin's down dog


BIZZ-BUZZ Article about Kent Katich

Part One - Part Two

Andre Igoudala of the Sixers doing a warrior 2 while Kent checks his form

Kent working with the Bobcats' Shaun Livingston on his extended side angle

Kevin Love of the Timberwolves getting ready for a session with Kent at the Yoga Court in LA

Kent working with Kevin Love on his triangle at the Yoga Court in Westwood

Kent as yoga coach for the LA Clippers. #1 Baron Davis and #23 Marcus Camby here in Reverse Warrior

Dirk Nowitzki, Kent and the German Olympic team in one arm balances

Kent training Dirk Nowitzki and the German Olympic basketball team in Athens, Greece

Kent working the LA Clippers at practice while #1 Baron Davis and #23 Marcus Camby work on their Side Angle Pose

Kent working with 7'3 Patrick Femerling of the German Olympic team

The LA Clippers Cutino Mobley, Al Thornton and Brian Skinner getting some twists in before practice with Kent

Kant and Chris Kaman in Athens Greece preparing for the Olympics.

Kent and Dirk Nowitzki training for the Olympics doing Warrior 1

Kent teaching Dirk Nowitzki the finer points of half moon in Greece

Kent among the giants Nowitzki, Femerling and Wysocki of the Mens German Olympic Basketball team

Kent making some on adjustments on the 2007 NBA MVP Dirk Nowitzki in the warrior

Kent and Nowitzki perfecting the down dog in Athens Greece

Dirk Nowitzki preparing for the Olympics by working on his bow and arrow

MENS JOURNAL 'dec-jan 07/08'

Kent and Jordan Farmar partnering at UCLA for the first Hoopfarm Yoga Hoops Basketball Camp

6'10 twins David and Travis Wear of UCLA Mens Basketball

EJ Singler of Oregon Ducks Mens Basketball

The Lakers Luke Walton, Jordan Farmar, Rony Turiaf and Luc Mbah a Moute of UCLA after a yoga workout during the 08 playoffs.

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Brooke and Robin Lopez getting ready for the NBA draft after a yoga session with Kent

Click the image to read the Los Angeles Times article.

Luke Walton getting some downdogs in before spurs playoff game

Julian Wright of New Orleans Hornets after a yoga session with Kent

NBA lottery pick Danilo Gallinari of Italy preparing for the draft with a yoga session at the Yoga Court

Morning workout.

Team Yoga, Ha, Farmar, Kent, Perkins and Murray.

Andre Igoudala of the Sixers in a forearm balance

Up dog.

Jordan Farmar in down dog.

Sam Perkins in triangle

Seung jin Ha in plow.

Kent with Farmar in shoulder stand.

Creative hoop shots!

Working legs and feet!

NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad.

Kent and Farmer side angle.

Kent and Murray side angle.

The guys in tree.

Petting Sting Rays.

Jammin on our private island.

Breakfast view.

Kent and Jordan Farmar

Dinner at Bloody Mary's. Perkins, Ha, Kent, Farmar and Murray.

Kent in LA with Chris Kaman and Constance Marie

Kent with Brian Scalabrine of the Boston Celtics

UCLA Womens Tennis Team

UCLA Womens Basketball at the Yoga Court

UCLA Men's golf

UCLA Men's golf

UCLA Men's golf

Maya working the UCLA Men's golf team

Down Dogs for men's golf with Maya

Dancer greeting in Bora Bora

UCLA Mens Basketball Team getting ready for the season

Guys getting ready for the NBA draft and veteran players after a yoga workout with Kent

LA Clippers getting in some downdogs before their game

Kent working with the LA Clippers before a game